Nokia Connects

A nice campaign for Nokia in London. The brand is having problems raising awareness of built-in GPS and location search applications on a wide-variety of their handsets. To help raise awareness, they used one of the most common location markers known to man – a signpost. Only they made it huge, digital and totally interactive. … Continue reading

The Links

Sorry for the delay on these. Check them out. Interesting few weeks (to say the least) and a lot going on out there. Feel free to send your own as well and we will be sure to post them. – Seth writes about how “just doing your job” isn’t good enough.– Have you heard of … Continue reading

The 4th Screen

Although Nokia’s global market share is falling, their advertising is getting better and better. I love this brand spot for their N-Series line and hope it helps the brand. Quite unreal to not show your product until the 1:31 mark of a two minute spot, but it works.

Nokia: The Next Episode

Don’t know what it is about it, but I really like this new spot for the Nokia N95. Nice writing, great execution and a new announcement – the future of entertainment is here.


A random spot from W+K but a nice one for a handset manufacturer. I like the tone and pace of this execution – capture a bunch of moments with your Nokia handset and have fun doing it.

Nokia, Spike Lee and Collaboration

What a great idea for a wireless manufacturer: Create a site that encourages users to upload their mobile videos to a specific theme – music. Piece together those videos using one of the world’s top directors, Spike Lee, and push that user generated video out to the masses. Nokia wants to shift perceptions about their … Continue reading