5 Spots You Need to Watch

This afternoon, I was pouring through the Shots DVD’s and found a lot of excellent TV spots. While my life is very digital focused, it’s always nice to watch some great commercials. Here are my favorite 6: Australia – “Come Walkabout” When I first saw this spot, it stopped me dead in my tracks. The … Continue reading

Does School Kill Creativity?

When Presentation Zen recommends a TED talk (and calls it his favorite of all-time), I watch. This is a fabulous talk about how the foundation of education needs to foster creative thought – not kill it. So many industries operate under the same “follow this path to success” model that many creative ideas are killed … Continue reading

The Best TED Video I’ve Ever Seen

We’ve done a lot of posts about the quality presentations at the TED conference. From new systems from the leading technology companies (Photosynth) to staggering web stats that would blow your mind to new systems that could help eliminate poverty, global warming and illiteracy in the world. There are a lot of great videos – … Continue reading