Excellent User Experience – The Open Championships

I am officially on 5 days of relaxation. This morning I woke up and turned on the Open Championships to see how my selections in the office pool are doing. After about 10 minutes of waiting to see the full leaderboard I grabbed my laptop and went to the website where I was surprised by … Continue reading

Gay Targeted ads from Saab

Because not all roads are straight…excellent gay targeted online ad. Thank you to Mike Coulson for the link.


To raaise awareness for a wall climbing centre monkeys were placed on windows in hard to reach but easy to see places complete with t-shirts that read, wallnutsclimbing.com. I find this campaign cute, entertaining and it definitely carries a lot of talk value. Read in Strategy…found on adofdamonth.

What to do with imported Oranges?

Orange Diaries is a website featuring hilarious crafts and ridiculous uses of imported oranges such as Orange muffs, pencil holder, knee pads and more. Set-up by Florida’s Natural the site tells you what to do with imported oranges because the obviously aren’t edible. Heck, unless they are Florida Oranges they aren’t even considered to be … Continue reading

ING – I need to go

ING pushes the limits of the Banking industry with their latest campaign. Drop by the site embedded below. Yes, it is for ING.

Creative Paper

This is just absolotely incredible. Posted on Adgoodness over a year ago I just came across it in an old archive of mine and wanted to share. See the full collection of Peter Callesen here.

Extremely Creative Execution – Literacy Foundation

Watch this brilliant spot from Blue Blanc Rouge for the Literacy Foundation. Two targets reached one execution.

Nationwide Insurance

I don’t know why I am just seeing this now. Apparently it has been around for a while. Disruptive media? I think so. Well done Nationwide.

YOTOPHOTO – Free Stock Photography

Yotophoto is a site currently in beta that offers access to free photos that exist in the public domain. It has search functions just like a standard stock photo site. I admit that the quality of photos is noticeably lower; however for students looking for free photos for spec work or just a art director … Continue reading

Recycling Ideas

This ad goes back to one of my previous posts about how there are no new landscapes only new eyes. This concept has been done for public transit, trains and planes all before however never with Sudoku. Is it effective? I bet people in New Zealand are talking about it.