This Summer let your interns plan your TV campaigns…

…and invest the dollars that would have gone to media agency commission into something valuable (like auditing your website user-experience). Google TV ads is out and bringing the Google auction system to the world of media. I am interested in seeing how this service grows over the next few years. Something tells me that the … Continue reading

2 Days, 1 Billion Impressions?

Trolling around AgencySpy, I came across a story about T-Mobile. It turns out that they are attempting to launch the largest online campaign ever. To advertise the new Google Phone – G1 (featuring Android), T-Mobile is partnering with AOL’s Platform A Agency to attempt to deliver 1 billion online impressions in 2 days. Considering that … Continue reading

6 Steps to Better Display Metrics

I’ve done a few rants in the last year about the value of media impressions and how the current media measurement model is broken. A number of industry related groups have sprung up to discuss the issue, but I think that one key area we can focus on now is how to increase the current … Continue reading

Internet Spending Continues; TV and News Decline

AdAge has just release a report that states that the top 100 advertisers in the US have increased their online display budgets by approximately $4.3 billion (33%) in the past year. Although ad spending only grew by 0.6%, the top dogs (who represent 41% of the total spend) clearly showed an interest in the web. … Continue reading

Horrible Media Placement

Ok look closely below. First the article is scary. A 66-year old man who only has 20% vision in one eye is caught downloading over 2000 images of child porn. What gets placed on this article? First, a leaderboard boasting how they have doubled the number of items on their online store. Second look at … Continue reading