Listen. I’m all for nice spots. I like it when creatives come up with ideas that cost about $1 million to shoot. If they’re great, people won’t PVR them. They’ll get posted to YouTube and get a couple of hundred thousand free views. Nice right? But sometimes the creatives might be a bit off. And … Continue reading

Infomercials: Yes, they all suck.

Yes, this is real. I just watched it on TBS while waiting for Face/Off to finish up. Is this the point we’ve come too? Inventing useless contraptions with the hopes that some woman out there will feel sorry for themselves and buy it? Don’t strapless bra’s already exist?

TBWA Vienna makes me lose faith in Advertising

I believe I may have to resign today. Maybe go get a job driving the subway or commuter trains – it always seemed like fun. Why do I have to quit my job? Because this Playstation ad below has been concieved, created, approved and media dollars spent to share it I have lost all faith … Continue reading

Jailbroken Ipod Touches featured in Ads

Both Circuit city and RadioShack have run the same image in their weekend circulars – the image of a Ipod touch that has been jailbroken. My guess is that this can be blamed on one of two things, cheap clients and stock photography or a moronic retoucher/photographer assistant..etc. Essentially I believe they purchased the cheapest … Continue reading

Another Absolut piece of crap

In an Absolut world men come in a box? Excuse my perverse sense of humour but I am pretty sure that already happens. Think about it. Ty has already posted twice about how we feel this campaign is a slap in the face to the legacy that is Absolut’s advertising history. Is a review imminent? … Continue reading

Mazda Makes Another Horrible Commercial

Maybe it is just me, but making fun of Mazda commercials has become like the tabloids cutting up Britney; too easy. The shite they produce continues to amaze me month after month. View my last post about a Mazda spot where Japanese ninja porn meets gay strip club techno music. Then to top t all … Continue reading

Horrible Media Placement

Ok look closely below. First the article is scary. A 66-year old man who only has 20% vision in one eye is caught downloading over 2000 images of child porn. What gets placed on this article? First, a leaderboard boasting how they have doubled the number of items on their online store. Second look at … Continue reading

AXE Vice – Nice Girls Turn Bad

A new mockumentary webisode from AXE. Nice girls start to go crazy when they smell guys wearing AXE. It’s worth watching – a bit funny (especially the last 45 seconds) – but not half as good as the AXE Ravenstoke, Alaska video that was created a few months ago.

One Giant Waste of Money

I would love to know what Gillette paid to have Tiger, Federer and Thierry Henry appear in the same ad. This spot is crap.