Winner: Best use of a Karate kick in a commercial

Thanks to Ms. Jacky P for the heads up.

Porsche. Yes Please.

Porsche is my dream car. It has adorned my walls for the better part of my life, it has filled my dreams with horsepower and unbelievable aspirations and I cannot wait to own one. For that reason I hold their ads, products, designs and brand to a very high level of standards. This spot showcases … Continue reading

Looking to buy a mobile home? Buy from this guy.

There is something great about the brutal honesty of this spot. That and the fact the guy is one hell of a tough mofo.

Yes it happened this quick

Google Maps GPS: Wicked Sick

It was only about 4 weeks ago I was commenting to a colleague about how cool it would be if your cars navigations showed you street views so you could see what your destination looked like. Guess what? Google was way ahead of me.

Another good spot from accross the pond…

From the latest Shots Reel. Well shot and right in line with – arguably – the best global banking campaign around.


I’m in the UK this week and, as a result, have had the privilege of being exposed to some great advertising (don’t worry, there is still the usual amount of crap here as well). Here’s a spot from Orange that I’m really into: Good message although I’d be interested to see how the brand truly … Continue reading

How can you tell a real social media guru from a fake one?

A recent post from Jeremiah Owyang got me thinking about how you actually define someone who has social media capabilities vs. someone who just spends a lot of time in the space. Everyone seems to be talking about how social media platforms can change your business and there is no shortage of advice. But who … Continue reading

A Beer Campaign Unlike Any Other

While watching the latest Shots reel last night (yes, that is what Crowe and I do on Friday nights), I came across this great VB campaign from Droga5 Sydney. The campaign, called Raise A Glass Appeal, features five people who tell stories of their friends and family that they’ve lost as a result of war. … Continue reading

Alexander Keith’s Augmented Reality card

See the actual augmented reality card on