Doritos has a new Guru

A few months ago. Doritos Canada launched an integrated campaign that asked consumers to name their new chip. The bags featured large question marks and users were asked to submit a 30 second spot to a Doritos YouTube page. The top spots, by votes, were selected to the finals and a group of Doritos clients … Continue reading

Does this fit the brand?

Removed the video becuase it automatically played but you can view it here. I think it’s a nice idea…but I don’t know if it fits with Doritos…thoughts?

WTF of the week – Doritos Tide

As the people on the beach collect free bags of Doritos I wonder how often this happens? If a container of ammonia fell off a boat we would definitely hear about it in the news. Where is Greenpeace on this one. With a big name like Doritos I would have thought they would have been … Continue reading