Quality & Value both win: Quiznos

The latest TV spot from Quiznos Canada. Quality and Value decide they don’t hate each other. I laughed and you just might too.

Nikon #Justbecauseyoucanshouldyou

Nikons new site for the Coolpix touch allows you to browse using hand and face motions recognized by your webcam. Why? Site navigation should be created to be simple and enhance the user experience not to destroy it. There is no benefit to the user to navigate the site this way. There is also no … Continue reading

P&G: To their Moms, they will always be kids

Thanks to @martindelaney for sharing this with me. Touching and true … is that an insight? 🙂

Less content, More filters

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the weird transition I went through without my iPhone. At first, I missed it. Then I became desperate for it and felt like I was missing out on everything. And then, almost suddenly, I realized that the majority of content I consume on a daily basis – from … Continue reading

Image of the day: And you think your brand stands out?

I love this picture. It reminds us of how difficult it really can be to make a brand stand out at retail, or even online.

Nokia Connects

A nice campaign for Nokia in London. The brand is having problems raising awareness of built-in GPS and location search applications on a wide-variety of their handsets. To help raise awareness, they used one of the most common location markers known to man – a signpost. Only they made it huge, digital and totally interactive. … Continue reading

Vancouver 2010: VISA or bust

If you’ve been watching the Olympics on TV in the last week, you’ve defintiely seen one of the many Morgan Freeman-narrated VISA TV spots. As one of the main Olympic partners, VISA has created a ton of spots to highlight that the only card you can use at the games is theirs. While I like … Continue reading

Vitamin Water: Stay Vitaminized.

Behold, the latest in a long line of great work. Steve Nash is the most ridiculous man in the world. If only all of its flavours were as good as the work. Thanks to the “Jeffs”.

Links you should click on

Old Spice Manmercials channel on YouTube is worth 4 minutes of your time. Wranglers Blue Bell website is awesome. You should become a fan of the Extreme Group on Facebook (the agency I work for). Belgium ad agency sites are on strike and have created a unique online experience to express why. Toronto Raptors mascot … Continue reading

Old Spice: The Man your Man could smell like

The Old Spice work from W+K has been consistently good. They haven’t disappointed me here. Most woman probably buy the bodywash and the man just uses whatever is in the shower. They are pushing the purchaser to buy more. Gotta love consumerism! Found on sosticky