Adidas (and Sid Lee) Do It Again

If you haven’t seen the new Adidas Star Wars spot and microsite yet, you’re missing out. First off, the launch spot (posted below) follows the tone and style of the original Adidas Houseparty work. But with the addition of Star Wars and some sweet Darth Vader shots, the new spot is set to make a … Continue reading

How well do you know your friends?

From across the pond in the UK, Orange has lauched a nice experience to promote the new Motorola DEXT. The site lets users login using Facebook Connect, Twitter and MySpace and asks them 10 questions about their friends. It’s quite straightforward but I like how the questions really make you think. For the record, I … Continue reading

Find More Friends…If you want them…

As the web continues to get older, more and more data is being stored across millions of different sources. Brands like Amazon and iTunes have been using this data to help create personalized recommendations for years. The classic “people who bought this also bought…” has become a staple of many sites – mainly because proper … Continue reading

Your Digital Identity: Ever Thought about It?

Since we added Facebook Connect to AdJoke, I’ve been thinking a lot about how important our digital identities have become and what the future of our D-ID’s could look like (Digital identities) Think about it for a moment. Right now, the average person has at least 6-12 profiles across a number of sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, … Continue reading

AdJoke and Facebook Connect – Together

A few weeks ago, we did a post about a great presentation put together by the folks at Razorfish about the potential uses of Facebook Connect. After doing some more research on the new service, I think that it could become a huge part of the web in the next year and it’s something that … Continue reading

Facebook Connect: Implications

Found a great presentation from Razorfish about the future of portable social graphs and the data use implications for brand sites. Facebook Connect is starting to become more common across sites in the web and I think that the applications of it could be fascinating. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the presentation … Continue reading