A Googlers "Jerry Maguire" Moment

Sifting through some posts on Valleywag tonight, I clicked on a link to the Google Blog and read a long (over 4,000 words…) post from Google’s SVP of Product Development, Jonathan Rosenberg. It is quite a read – not because of it’s length, but because it sheds some light on the attitudes and beliefs within … Continue reading

Bill Gates in 1996

I just came across this quote from the Microsoft man himself. It’s amazing to see the amount of foresight this man had into the future (even though banner CTR isn’t exactly stellar in this day in age). And also amazing how many people still don’t understand the true value of the digital space. “Content is … Continue reading

Bye, Bye Jerry!

Well, that didn’t take long. Three spots and we’re done! In the last week, PJC and I have posted about the new Microsoft campaign and our thoughts on it. Turns out that today, a rep from MS confirmed that there aren’t going to be any more Jerry spots and that it was all in the … Continue reading