The Links

Sorry for the delay on these. Check them out. Interesting few weeks (to say the least) and a lot going on out there. Feel free to send your own as well and we will be sure to post them. – Seth writes about how “just doing your job” isn’t good enough.– Have you heard of … Continue reading

Surprisingly Good

Paul and I were discussing the latest brand spot from Pfizer (posted below). It’s got a huge cinema buy here in Toronto and I was shocked when I first saw this spot (and then learned it was from Pfizer). What I like about this spot is that it’s repositioning the brand to be something more … Continue reading

Orangina – Animal love Juices in a bottle

Sorry for the slow week. We have been busy. Enjoy this cornucopia of animated orgasmic animal images brought to you by Orangina. Found on Glossy.

Guinness Tipping Point

Honda Cog you’ve got nothing on the Guinness tipping point. Ok maybe you have a slightly higher degree of difficulty, maybe you came first, maybe you were shot in one take with one camera and just maybe you were original; but this ad has fire and beer.

Extremely Creative Execution – Literacy Foundation

Watch this brilliant spot from Blue Blanc Rouge for the Literacy Foundation. Two targets reached one execution.

British Airways vs. SilverJet

Are parodies acceptable? I don’t like them very much. Maybe if they are timely, but 18 years later? Below see the original British Airways ad circa 1989 then look at the 2007 SilverJet ad that premiered during the Rugby World Cup. I agree that they are positioning themselves against BA as in BA talks about … Continue reading

Ohhh to play with these budgets…

Acura – Smile

I like this spot as a 60 second; but I feel it loses its magic when cut to 30 seconds. Nonetheless it is a new way to show the standard SUV driving through different landscapes ad. 30 Second spot embedded below. Link to 60 second here.

Mazda Makes Another Horrible Commercial

Maybe it is just me, but making fun of Mazda commercials has become like the tabloids cutting up Britney; too easy. The shite they produce continues to amaze me month after month. View my last post about a Mazda spot where Japanese ninja porn meets gay strip club techno music. Then to top t all … Continue reading

Good Advertising Turns Me On…

…so does BMW’s. Put them together and well…