Sony Soundville

Sony has released a new spot in Europe that shifts the focus from “Color Like No Other” to Sound. Created by Juan Cabrel (the guy who created the Cadbury Gorilla), the spot takes over a a small island town and installs speakers that play multiple types of music for a week straight. The shots and … Continue reading

New Sony Bravia Ad; Domino

Just read that the newest Sony Bravia ad has been released in New Zealand. It’s the forth in the set (Balls, Paint and Bunnies being the previous three). It’s not the same scale as the other ones (it’s a local execution) but still worth watching. At first I didn’t really enjoy the track but I … Continue reading

Sony 2. Toshiba 1.

Blu-Ray DVD is currently outselling HD-DVD 2 to 1 in the US. The Sony backed product is expected to pull in $186 million in sales, versus only $91 million for HD-DVD. I believe it is the titles that is driving the acceptance not the technology. Full Story here via American Copywriter.

Sony One Note

New spot for the Sony Walkman Phone. They’ve taken their “” brand and extended it to other facets of the Sony business (Music in this case, rather than Colour for their HD TV’s). Neat spot and another win for Fallon.