Who is the target?

Seriously. Who is it? It’s not someone who is between the ages of 14-24. It’s not someone who is making over $60K a year and somewhere between 25-34. It’s not a baby boomer who is now anyone over 50. And it’s definitely not someone who has a family. Who is it? Who is the target? … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Target?

Do you really know your target? What they think, what they want and what they do? A large number of people in our industry – account, creative even production – have no idea. It’s easy to get sidetracked; we’ve got timelines to meet, clients to answer too, research, studio, production, creatives, more briefs to write, … Continue reading

Target Creates Model-less Fashion Show

No models, no attitude but unfortunately no sexuality. Why do men watch fashion shows? It is an excuse to look at women. If you want to stop a busy couple as they make there way through Grand Central station they both need a reason to stop. She looks at clothes, he looks at women. I … Continue reading