Please. Take me back.

Loving this new campaign for LactoFree (a milk product). It would have been so easy to do a boring “Guess what? Now people who are lactose can drink milk again” spot but W+K choose to do (what they normally do) and create a campaign built around an insight and an idea. People with lactose have … Continue reading

Honda Shine’s with Vimeo

We recently did a post about the new Honda ‘Let it Shine’ spot. It was another great TV spot from W+K. But what about the integrated campaign? Better yet, how could Honda take this idea and spread it online in meaningful way? Cue a great media partnership with Vimeo. Honda has created a fantastic page … Continue reading

W+K’s 2009 Agency Goals

If you haven’t read W+K’s London blog, it’s a great example of an agency blog that it fun, insightful and all about people. It’s one of the few agency blogs that’s written for the people of the agency, rather than a “hard sell” about what Weiden can do for you. Rather than tell you about … Continue reading

Bold Act

Whether you think this is simply a PR spin or a way for an agency to regain confidence after losing a major client, I think that the act of resigning a client is something that shows the backbone of what an agency stands for. Starbucks and W+K have been together for a long time. They’ve … Continue reading

Top 15 Artistic Ads [Another List..but a good one]

One of the most popular posts on Digg right now is about 15 artistic ads. It’s a great compilation of TV spots that are extremly iconic. You’ve probably seen most of them but there was one that I haden’t (posted below) with Lance Armstrong. Another good Nike spot from W+K. No wonder these two are … Continue reading

The Rules – Kennedy Style

When David Kennedy quite his old agency to start W+K, this note was found in his remaining stuff. Pretty simple but still holds true today. Found on the great, W+K London blog.

Don King and Nike? [Seriously]

I don’t know what to think about new Nike campaign for the US open. If you’re a fan of tennis, you’ve got to be excited about the Federer vs. Nadal rivalry. Wimbledon was – arguably – the greatest grand slam final of all time. You’d think that nothing could be better for a brand like … Continue reading

When Agencies Recycle

While surfing on welcome to optimism (W+K’s London blog), I found this great post about Cutwater – a San Fransisco agency that has had success for two videos for clients Ray Ban and Levi’s. Each of the videos have over 3 million views on YouTube and by all measures, are huge, viral hits. That being … Continue reading

W+K London Does It Again

The Power of Dreams

New spot for Honda from W+K in London. Honda has done some amazing spots over the last couple of years and have stayed true to their Power of Dreams campaign. A couple of my favorites includes the evolution of an English race car driver, the human sound spot and – of course – the rip-off … Continue reading