Pepsi: Warhol

As with any Lee Clow campaign there has been a lot of hype, discussion, and yes, some criticism. Out-of-home has always been in my opinion a medium best used when treated like a canvas versus a poster, post-card, newspaper ad or even a online banner. An artist approaches a canvas with a very specific outcome … Continue reading

In your face, Audi!

I love the BMW smack down on Audi on this one. Both brands have done some really smart advertising in the last couple of years but I still love it when they take shots at each other – even if it is on a street in Santa Monica. The fact that these brands not only … Continue reading

Another Great Execution from BeJay’s

No explanation necessary. Found on copyranter.

Brilliant Outdoor

Can you think of a better idea for a Guide dog campaign? Found on Copyranter.

HP Ripped Paper

And I thought Malaysia’s only good exports was Palm Oil, Microprocessors and Yew Ming Si, the tennis player. Well I was wrong, here we have some pretty damn good creative. Found on adgoodness

Nationwide Insurance

I don’t know why I am just seeing this now. Apparently it has been around for a while. Disruptive media? I think so. Well done Nationwide.

Recycling Ideas

This ad goes back to one of my previous posts about how there are no new landscapes only new eyes. This concept has been done for public transit, trains and planes all before however never with Sudoku. Is it effective? I bet people in New Zealand are talking about it.