Political Crisis? Get the Ads Out! Now!

We’ve done a few posts on Canadian ads over the last few months and with the election only being about 7 weeks old, we had a lot of different ads to choose from. For the last week, the political landscape in Canada has been on fire. Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented his budget package to … Continue reading

Pretty Good. Pretty, Damn, good.

Got together with a group of friends tonight to watch the election results and I’ve got to say, the McCain and Obama speeches were fantastic. It’s not often that you see a moment like this one – the culmination of a two year campaign, a horrible state of American affairs, the need for new leadership … Continue reading

The Politics of Metrics…

Two weeks ago, Canada was thrust into a Federal election. Campaigns have been ramped up quickly, candidates are traveling across the country and the messages are getting out – especially with a new campaign promise every day. A few months ago, I did a post about the pathetic state of visits to Canada’s three main … Continue reading

I’m Voting Republican

This video, posted to YouTube a few weeks ago, has picked up a ton of steam. It’s nice to see that the American political system is getting some play on the most popular video site in the world.

Politics Can Be Fun

Hilarious campaign from long-shot US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Although he doesn’t have much of a shot, it’s nice to see politicians who are willing to have a little fun during the campaign period.