Social media success starts with asking the right question

For the last five years, I’ve done a lot of work with brands and clients in social media. From podcasts to blogs, Facebook to Foursquare, social platforms have been – and continue to be – the hot topic for brands across the globe. About two years ago, many brands entered what I would call the … Continue reading

Are we all doing the same thing? … continued.

Before I jump into my post and share with you some thoughts I want to point out to everyone that Tyler has moved to London so beyond taking Adjoke global a few other things have changed. The biggest change Tyler and I can no longer grab a beer or sit on the couch and discuss … Continue reading

Are we all doing the same thing?

A few months ago, Razorfish published a report called FEED. The report outlines findings from a comprehensive survey that polled ‘highly connected’ US internet users and asked them a variety of questions dealing with their branded online experiences. It is a fairly quick read (for a Razorfish deck) and contains some good stats for anyone … Continue reading

How can you tell a real social media guru from a fake one?

A recent post from Jeremiah Owyang got me thinking about how you actually define someone who has social media capabilities vs. someone who just spends a lot of time in the space. Everyone seems to be talking about how social media platforms can change your business and there is no shortage of advice. But who … Continue reading

Social Media Stats

Although this video takes it’s cue’s from a Sony corporate video put together about a year ago, some of the new stats in it are staggering. Even though it’s very popular right now to to talk about the number of ways that social media has changed communications, I still think it’s worth checking out the … Continue reading

Social Media’s Fatal Flaw

This morning, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wrote a long post on his NIN forum about why he is going to be leaving social media. In the last number of years, NIN and Reznor have led the social media charge. They ditched their label, created one of the best ARG’s out there and have … Continue reading

Social Networks will become as important as air

Big thanks to Mike for sending us a link this social network presentation. It’s a holistic view of some of the changes (some identity related) that social networks will be going through over the next few years. Essentially – you’re network and friends are going to come with you, everywhere. Sure, you can change your … Continue reading

Fords CEO talks about social media

A little long, but some interesting discussion points. The most interesting is how well the CEO of Ford seems to understand the space and the value it brings. Ford’s CEO on social media and innovation from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

The worlds most active twitter towns

A snapshot of the most active cities in the world based on twitter posts. My home, Toronto came in at 14 which is much higher than I would have expected. See the full list on TwitterLocal. Thanks to David Armano for sharing the site.

Spamalot [almost] Creates Loyalty Beyond Reason

I went to see Spamalot last night in West London and noticed a pretty big opportunity for the show that I doubt they are capitalizing on. First off, some context: The show has been running for the last few years and has had some big success. Most shows have been sold out in NYC and … Continue reading