John Lewis – ‘Woman’

I’m really enjoying this spot from Adam & Eve for John Lewis. For those of you not reading from the UK, John Lewis is a traditional British retailer that has done some great work over the past few years. I write a lot about great storytelling here on AdJoke and I think this is another … Continue reading

Does this make you think of the Ad Industry?

It’s so true about TV news stories. They are formulaic, highly scripted and structured and easily predictable. The same formula applies to the majority of advertisements we see today. There are, of course, variations. The ‘funny ad‘. The ‘sad ad‘. The ‘dramatic ad‘. The ‘sell you stuff ad‘. And, my personal favorite, the ‘I want … Continue reading

Before You Text, Give it a Ponder

LG has just launched a new campaign featuring James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio. The campaign is build around Lipton and his famous beard. It promotes the idea that teens need to think before they text. The 4 launch spots drive to a great microsite that pushes users to specific social destinations (Facebook, YouTube, … Continue reading

My Favorite Campaign of the Year (So Far)

I just watched the latest Creativity Top 5 and I’ve found my favorite campaign of 2009 (so far). Created by ACNE, Sweedish Airport Coaches created an installation of 50 junk cars in the shape of one of their airport coaches. The large installation was created on the main freeway to the airport and caused a … Continue reading

Onward by Nike

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo. Big thanks to Ricky for this link. Hadn’t seen this short before but it’s really nice. Love it when brands think outside the product box and create content that is brand-focused (and different).

FINALLY: An Truly Integreated Campaign

Back in November, we wrote about the cool microsite from Sprint called Sprint Now. Since that time, the site has been updated with a number of great new widgets (including the Top 10 Google Search terms of the day, the number of texts currently being sent on Sprint devices right now and the current national … Continue reading

Great Advice from KR

We’ve posted about Kevin Roberts before (he’s the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide) but I loved his recent post so much I had to blog it. Roberts talks about how easy it is to become sidetracked – especially during a stressful, economic time. There is always so much going on, too much work to … Continue reading