My Favorite Reads of 2008 [Another List]

In 2008, I made a resolution to read more. A lot more. 12 months, 30 novels and about 1,000 articles later, I feel more up to speed and interested (in everything) than I have before. Here is a short list of my favorites (warning: some are pretty random): 10. Click by Bill Tancer – interested … Continue reading

Christmas = books. Need your help.

I celebrate Christmas, and every year my Christmas list usually contains a half dozen or so books. This year my list has: The Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell Grown Up Digital – Don Tapscott Crowdsourcing – Jeff Howe The Cool Factor – Del Breckenfeld Brand Digital – Allen P. Adamson What is on your list? Have … Continue reading

Tribes – my 65 second take

Alright. I just blew through Seth Godin’s 218 slide presentation on Tribes in about 65 seconds. No audio, no speakers notes, just slides. Here is what I got out of it…. Marketers are leaders of tribes. Act accordingly. It is your job to take your product or service benefits and connect them to the right … Continue reading


A few weeks ago, I finished reading “Click” by Bill Tancer. Tancer is one of the head researchers at a company called Hitwise. Hitwise is a company that uses search data from the major engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) to understand how the web works (and help companies make decisions in the process). What drew me … Continue reading

My Ad Industry Book Review

When I am not blogging, working or trying to impress women you can usually find me reading books about this little industry of ours. Below is a group of my favourite books from that have something to do with the ad industry. If you agree or disagree feel free to let me know. Also, I … Continue reading