iPhone meet iPong…news doors are opened.

The wireless market in general has been using the idea of “our products help to connect, share This has to be the coolest implementation of Pong ever: load the iPong application in two or three iPods touch units or iPhones, and start playing between them using your finger, with the ball actually passing from one … Continue reading

GPS, DHL and The Largest Drawing in the World

A few months ago, artist Eric Nordenakar decided to create the largest drawing in the world. Using a high-powered GPS device and a carefully mapped out route through DHL, he create a self portrait tracing the path that his package had traveled. Below is a video outlining the journey that the package went on. Eric’s … Continue reading

Team Nike defeats the devil

I have never seen this Nike spot before. Not in English but the spot is still worth watching.

Now That’s A Splatter

A some nice out of home from Auckland. Created by Saatchi, found on Copyranter.

Why you shouldn’t listen to other people…

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” ~Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943 “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” ~Ken Olson, president and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977 “Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” ~H. M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927 “We don’t … Continue reading

HP Ripped Paper

And I thought Malaysia’s only good exports was Palm Oil, Microprocessors and Yew Ming Si, the tennis player. Well I was wrong, here we have some pretty damn good creative. Found on adgoodness

The long-lived history of advergames – Flashback

Apparently these were the first Atari based advergames… I don’t remember them. Only pong and soccer. I posted back in October about the first ever advergames that were hidden on records in the 1970’s. “In the case of these programs on vinyl, the user would have to play back the proper portion of the record, … Continue reading

Safest Minivan on the road

Is it just me or is that a Kia Sedona? Maybe the safest Minivan on the road claim is true. Ohh the things yo find when you click on Digg images. Image from here.

Half the World…

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reported today that the world has passed the 3.3 billion mark in mobile phones. 49% global penetration. Developing countries like Africa lead the largest gains with 39% growth annually. Couple that with India and China’s massive growth rates and it makes sense how quickly cell phones have spread. What does … Continue reading

Our Distorted View

Alisa Miller, at the TED conference this past March, puts on one of the best, 5-minute presentations I’ve seen about news coverage in America. Why do we care more about the death of Anna Nicole Smith than Global Warming? Why don’t major American networks have foreign countries that house more than 2 billion people? And … Continue reading