Football is Hardcore

I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with football and, as a result, love pretty much any football work that contains a good track and voice-over. This spot for the Dallas Cowboys is no different. Shot, cut and edited in less than a week, the spot is meant to capture the work that the team goes through … Continue reading

Guinness Tipping Point

Honda Cog you’ve got nothing on the Guinness tipping point. Ok maybe you have a slightly higher degree of difficulty, maybe you came first, maybe you were shot in one take with one camera and just maybe you were original; but this ad has fire and beer.

Mazda Makes Another Horrible Commercial

Maybe it is just me, but making fun of Mazda commercials has become like the tabloids cutting up Britney; too easy. The shite they produce continues to amaze me month after month. View my last post about a Mazda spot where Japanese ninja porn meets gay strip club techno music. Then to top t all … Continue reading