AdJoke Goes International

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts thus far in 2010. It’s been a wild few weeks for Paul and I. I’ve recently moved to London, England to continue working in the ad biz and I’m excited to bring more of an international flare to AdJoke over the next few years. As anyone who has … Continue reading

Help Adjoke Beat Marketing Magazine

We need your help. As you can see, we need only 30 people to surpass Marketing Magazine in terms of RSS subscribers. It’s a simple challenge and we are asking all our readers with feeds (and friends who have feeds) to add Adjoke. What do you have to do? First, get a Google Reader. It … Continue reading

AdJoke and Facebook Connect – Together

A few weeks ago, we did a post about a great presentation put together by the folks at Razorfish about the potential uses of Facebook Connect. After doing some more research on the new service, I think that it could become a huge part of the web in the next year and it’s something that … Continue reading

My #1 Blogging New Years Resolution

Comment more. Way more. If 2008 was about posting, improving, redesigning and learning, 2009 is about commenting. It’s about joining the conversation on other blogs, conversing with bloggers across the world and adding to the conversation. And, well, let’s be honest – I want to drive traffic to AdJoke and start spreading the word about … Continue reading

Seriously. Write a blog.

Came across this great post about 10 reasons why you should save your career and start a blog. While I don’t think that everyone is meant to blog (and Adjoke already has about 100 million competitors), I think that if you ever want to work in the digital space, you have to live it – … Continue reading

The Last Seven Posts

A week ago, I wrote about how I wanted to focus more on digital opinions and post some of my thoughts to AdJoke. I stuck to it for about a week and have linked to my individual opinions below. A few quick thoughts: – While it’s great to post opinions, I was dying to comment … Continue reading

Tribes – my 65 second take

Alright. I just blew through Seth Godin’s 218 slide presentation on Tribes in about 65 seconds. No audio, no speakers notes, just slides. Here is what I got out of it…. Marketers are leaders of tribes. Act accordingly. It is your job to take your product or service benefits and connect them to the right … Continue reading

The Next 7 Posts

I’ve been thinking a ton about Adjoke lately and had a great discussion with some colleagues last night about how to enhance the quality of the content. We’ve posted a lot; from cool ads to brutal ones, digital trends to viral videos, industry gossip to agency news – the works. I think that where I’d … Continue reading


Props to PC for converting our annoyingly long URL to something simple. It wasn’t a complicated task…but it makes a huge difference. Here’s to simplicity.

The Night of Posts

I’ve decided to spent the night in and rededicate myself to the blog. The last few weeks of summer have been insane with work, vacation and, of course, golf. Tonight I’m going to post. A lot. I’ve always wondered a few things about posting and blogs: Top blogs will post 8-0-100 times/day. At that rate, … Continue reading