The Future, Microsoft Style

Considering that I just posted about some mind-blowing social media stats, I thought it would be relevant to show you this (fake) Microsoft corporate brand spot. “The future. Only 498 years away.” Amazing stuff.

CP+B Creates a Good Microsoft Video

I’m not a big fan of the “I’m a PC” stuff. The little kids are cute and all and the celebrities help ensure that people watch the spots instead of fast-forward them, but they still feel a bit strange to me. I think it’s probably due to the fact that they are referring to Apple … Continue reading

Thanks Microsoft. You just made the worst ads of the year.

Warning: These ads are horrible. They will make you feel stupid, dirty and sad to be a part of an industry that took part in creating them. They represent what’s wrong with advertising. Dumb agencies who place “shock-value” at the center of their creative instead of sound strategy that differentiates their product from their competitors. … Continue reading

Obama and Photosynth

A about a year and half ago, we blogged about an emergnig Microsoft technology called Photosynth. Photosynth is a system that uses photo’s across the web to create 3-D versions of places and spaces (you can check out an amazing demo of the product here). A recent post to the TED blog reports that CNN … Continue reading

Well Played Apple

A nice response to the new, $300 million dollar “I’m A PC” campaign. It was only a matter of time.

Bye, Bye Jerry!

Well, that didn’t take long. Three spots and we’re done! In the last week, PJC and I have posted about the new Microsoft campaign and our thoughts on it. Turns out that today, a rep from MS confirmed that there aren’t going to be any more Jerry spots and that it was all in the … Continue reading

Jerry and Bill…back for another adventure.

Last week, PJC posted the launch spot from Microsoft featuring Bill and Jerry. What looks to be the next installment – a 4:30 minute video posted below – continues to drive the mystery around what PC’s new product is going to be.  We started with the “delicious” tagline and now we’ve evolved to see the … Continue reading

Microsoft Photosynth Now Live

Blow your mind. Seriously. Click here to download it now.

Top 10 Tech Ad Campaigns

Gearlog has recently put together a Top 10 list of their favorite tech campaigns of all time. The list was created due to the fact that Microsoft is about to launch their $300 million Vista campaign to battle the Apple vs. PC stuff (created by CP+B). As we all wait for the campaign to launch … Continue reading

Apple’s New Competition

Microsoft made a large decision this week and awarded their $300 million ad account to one of the hottest agencies in North America, CP+B.According to Adrants, Microsoft spent over $1 billion in advertising in the US during 2006 and they have finally found their new agency. CP+B are the creators of Whopper Freakout, Volkeswagen’s “Ego … Continue reading