Mens Underwear sold by sexy women

So here is the brief. The client is looking for a way to sell underwear without showing half naked men – but they want the ad to remain visually appealing. I think this is great. Ad number one is my favourite…yours?

OB – Very, Very Absorbant

This one must be for heavy days. What a ridiculous ad.

PETA – Comfortable in your own skin

Well I am happy to say that PETA has listened to me. They have moved on from the world of naked celebrities. Although I must say that couch does look pretty comfortable. Maybe even more comfortable than my own skin. If it is real leather than that means that PETA had to purchase a leather … Continue reading

Another Absolut piece of crap

In an Absolut world men come in a box? Excuse my perverse sense of humour but I am pretty sure that already happens. Think about it. Ty has already posted twice about how we feel this campaign is a slap in the face to the legacy that is Absolut’s advertising history. Is a review imminent? … Continue reading