This Summer let your interns plan your TV campaigns…

…and invest the dollars that would have gone to media agency commission into something valuable (like auditing your website user-experience). Google TV ads is out and bringing the Google auction system to the world of media. I am interested in seeing how this service grows over the next few years. Something tells me that the … Continue reading

The Politics of Metrics…

Two weeks ago, Canada was thrust into a Federal election. Campaigns have been ramped up quickly, candidates are traveling across the country and the messages are getting out – especially with a new campaign promise every day. A few months ago, I did a post about the pathetic state of visits to Canada’s three main … Continue reading

Google Trends for Websites

Paul has written numerous times about his love for Google Trends. If you are going into a client presentation or trying to convince a coworker with some good online stats, it’s worth checking out. Google has recently updated Trends with a new feature – the ability to search approximate web traffic against other sites. It’s … Continue reading

Facebook Responds to Google Trends

Paul has written a lot about his unhealthy obsession with Google Trends over the last few months but he might have something new to feed his addiction – Facebook Lexicon. Lexicon is a new semi-public program that allows users to search specific data that Facebook captures. Unlike Google Trends which tracks the number of times … Continue reading