Find More Friends…If you want them…

As the web continues to get older, more and more data is being stored across millions of different sources. Brands like Amazon and iTunes have been using this data to help create personalized recommendations for years. The classic “people who bought this also bought…” has become a staple of many sites – mainly because proper … Continue reading

The New Siren’s Song – Branded iPhone Apps

While giving a presentation to a few colleagues on digital today, I talked a lot about how the App Store from Apple is changing the game for mobile devices. As a user, I can go on everyday and download thousands of applications (for free or a nominal sum) that enhance my mobile experience about 1000%. … Continue reading

London Week – Close The Sale

We all know that Apple is a great brand. When we buy an iPod or Mac Book, it makes even the most boring (PC like) people feel creative. The products themselves aren’t substantially different. Sure, there are unique programs like iLife or iTunes, but when it comes to technology and price, Apple can be beat … Continue reading