Like Small Animals? Samsung Does…

File this under the “Random Video” category for Samsung. Full credit though, as this looks to be real animals in some funny situations (all grounded in the different ‘capabilities’ that the handset has – from small fireplace to ‘Hedgehog World Domination Tool.’ The video was posted in mid-February and already has over half a million … Continue reading


This is cool. A genius application of technology to a brief. How can you ensure that your video can be seen by all? Company firewalls will block your videos from getting through unless they are in Excel.

Entertaining little video

Just for fun. Excellent brand placement by lego 😉 Found on exitcreative

Awesome…Kanye & John in the studio

This promo video for Kanye Wests song Bittersweet with Jaohn Mayer is hilarious. Thanks to Sticky Ricky for sending this through. Enjoy it…..bitches. ( You will get that in a minute).

Graphic Design Gangsta Rap

Thank you Christina for posting this on the AdJoke Facebook group. The group is now 96 strong. Who is going to be the lucky 100th member? Maybe you.

The New Celebrity – INTERNET PEOPLE

The internet has provided everyone in the world with a stage to catapult themselves into a new class of celebrity. This video encapsulates that world. Andy Warhol being a man of incredible genius is proving to have been a man wise beyond his years. A few quotes of his below really make sense after watching … Continue reading