FINALLY: An Truly Integreated Campaign

Back in November, we wrote about the cool microsite from Sprint called Sprint Now. Since that time, the site has been updated with a number of great new widgets (including the Top 10 Google Search terms of the day, the number of texts currently being sent on Sprint devices right now and the current national … Continue reading

Something Cool from Sprint? Weird…but True.

I’m pretty skeptical of Sprint, especially after their CEO tagged his first TV spot with a fake email address. That being said, their new “Sprint Now” microsite is a pretty cool idea (even though it has some other, more popular variations on the web). Developed by Goodby, the site tells you a bunch of random … Continue reading

Sprint and Dan – The New Model Made Old

A couple of hours ago, I was watching TV and came across the following (relatively new) spot from Sprint: I like and hate this spot for a few reasons. First off, I like it because it got my attention. Anytime a new CEO puts himself in an ad I usually think, “Oh God, this is … Continue reading