Quality Impressions are related to Time

In my ongoing quest to change media planning (I’m not in media, nor to I have a specific desire to be), one of my new rants is about time. When television emerged in the mid-1900’s as the new, dominant consumer medium, ad buying revolved around time. What time were the top shows on and how … Continue reading

"We need to create something viral"

A pretty daunting task for advertisers these days. Where do you start? For most people, the common response seems to center around video. “Let’s create a cool, low-key video showing [insert target] doing [insert semi-related brand event] in a neat way. We’ll post the video to YouTube, buy some Google keywords and bam – the … Continue reading

The Fall of Facebook?

One of the latest posts to the Wired Blog outlines a recent interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The subject of the interview revolves around three potential ways that Facebook could fail. Based on some of the other recent social networks (ahem…MySpace), these scenarios could certainly play out: 1) The User Base evaporates – the … Continue reading