Google Wins Super Bowl

Paul recently posted the top Super Bowl ads and Google’s first foray into the US TV space was a spot that a lot of people are going to remember (and not just because the company – at one point – swore off mass advertising and has finally decided that it might be a good idea). … Continue reading

The top 3 Superbowl ads based on views

The top 3 Superbowl spots based on total views in the last 24 hours are: 1. Google – Parisian Love 2. Audi – Green Car 3. Kia – Big Game spot

Communicate Like Google

I got an invite to Google Wave about a week ago and I’ve been playing with it for the past few days. At first, I was really into it. I liked the instant(ness) to it, the ability to comment on specific aspects of chats, to integrate videos and maps into a stream, etc. I liked … Continue reading

Google Changes it’s Tune…

Google recently announced that the will be buying TV time to air a web-spot created by their Japan team. The hope with the TV spot is to raise awareness about Google Chrome and encourage the masses to download it (and by masses, I mean people who aren’t Apple users). Here’s the spot: On the Official … Continue reading

A Googlers "Jerry Maguire" Moment

Sifting through some posts on Valleywag tonight, I clicked on a link to the Google Blog and read a long (over 4,000 words…) post from Google’s SVP of Product Development, Jonathan Rosenberg. It is quite a read – not because of it’s length, but because it sheds some light on the attitudes and beliefs within … Continue reading

MasterPieces of the Prado Museum on Google Earth

This type of thing gets me really excited. Think of the possibilities. How can you apply this to your clients or work?

Google Canada – What Do We Search?

A collegue of mine (who is a Doctor…not like a real one but a P.H.D) sent me this article about Google Searches in Canada. For the past few years, Google has released its Zeitgeist report (German for “Spirit of the Times”) to help show current web trends and provide insights into what people are searching. … Continue reading

2 Days, 1 Billion Impressions?

Trolling around AgencySpy, I came across a story about T-Mobile. It turns out that they are attempting to launch the largest online campaign ever. To advertise the new Google Phone – G1 (featuring Android), T-Mobile is partnering with AOL’s Platform A Agency to attempt to deliver 1 billion online impressions in 2 days. Considering that … Continue reading

8 Thoughts on the Digital Marketing Conference

Last Monday, I spent the day at Marketing Magazine’s digital conference. It was a pretty good day and it was great to see the level of interest people in our industry have about the space. Sorry it took me so long to post about it, but here are 8 random things from the day: 1. … Continue reading

Google’s URL Database [It’s Big]

Valleywag recently reported that Google’s search database now has over 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) URL’s for a user to search. What’s interesting about the article, however, is that it notes that Google search does not represent searching the entire internet – it only represents URL’s that Google has found and archived.