Now that’s smooth…

Really nice spot from Braun. Excellent execution which pays off the history of the brand as well as the main product benefit (smoothness). I love the idea of using subtle metrosexuality in a time that was anything but.

IKEA Sweden = nuts

If any of our readers can help enlighten me on what the hell this commercial is about that would be great. Here is what I know: It is for Ikea Sweden It is banned It is really messed up

The Real World – Augmented

In the past few months, I’ve been working on a Google Android campaign and was lucky enough to spend a very months testing out the product and the Android market. I’m a big fan of mobile applications (especially for the iPhone) and think that in the next few years we’re going to see some revolutionary … Continue reading

The Kia Soul has some fun

Another Old School Ad

Tyler & I have been posting old school ads that we love, make us laugh or generally make us shake our head since basically day one. Here is another beauty. Incredibly well written but the message still makes me shake my head.

An image worth sharing

I have always loved this quote and I happened to Stumble across it tonight on Flickr. I don’t think it was a coincidence. Maybe I needed to be reminded.

Bing. The Decision Engine.

Why would they launch Bing with stock video and photography? Wouldn’t they have more money to invest in a major product launch? Now this post is about more than a low budget spot that doesn’t really make any sense it is about an idea. If your product is a search engine or as they say … Continue reading

Toyota Harmony

When I first watched this commercial it felt like I was watching the commercial that would have been created if GRR, slept with Happiness Factory and had a 30-second spot baby. – "But It’s Not Google…"

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made a conscious decision to switch from Google to Bing. Not because I think that Google is terrible (it’s not) but because I think that Bing represents one of the largest challenges against Google’s current search methods (other that where Twitter live search could take us). A few quick … Continue reading

A New Way to Pitch

A few weeks ago, a new microsite launched in Canada called Although that URL might sound like a government site explaining the current bailout package, it’s not. It’s from Elemental – a global agency (though the campaign is Toronto based) – and it’s a call to action for marketers across Toronto to rethink their … Continue reading