Mini Cooper AR Ad. Best Print Ad of 2008.

This is the coolest print ad of 2008. If you disagree I will fight you. MINI has used augmented reality (AR) technology to create a truly interactive media piece out of a 2-dimensional magazine ad. Using AR tracking technology, as you hold the ad up to your computer’s webcam, you’ll see a 3-D model of … Continue reading

New Lost Alternate Realty Game

We just did a big post on the emergence of ARG’s and, sure enough, the folks behind the marketing of Lost have launched a new game. The above is a picture of an actual billboard that has been placed in 7 US cities, Sydney and Seoul, Korea. Oceanic Airlines is the airline that goes down … Continue reading

The Allure of Alternate Reality Games

In this month’s edition of Wired, writer Frank Rose does an excellent job describing the marketing power of alternative reality games. What is an ARG? Basically, it’s a game that crosses traditional medium, the digital world in a variety of forms and can even take place in a number of real world locations – like … Continue reading