Google Canada – What Do We Search?

A collegue of mine (who is a Doctor…not like a real one but a P.H.D) sent me this article about Google Searches in Canada. For the past few years, Google has released its Zeitgeist report (German for “Spirit of the Times”) to help show current web trends and provide insights into what people are searching. … Continue reading


Contrary to my brain, I decided to head to the Toronto iPhone launch this morning to pick myself up a new, 3G 8GB (I know), iPhone. Doors to the store opened at 8am and after getting a recommendation from someone who lines up for all of these things (Wii, PS3, Dark Knight, etc), I decided … Continue reading

iPhone. Should Service Providers Advertise?

In case you were under a rock this week, Steve Jobs announced that a new, 3G version of the iPhone was shipping to markets across the globe. In Canada, the release date has been confirmed for July 11th at Rogers and Fido stores across the nation. Not only is the iPhone faster, it’s half the … Continue reading