Camp Okutta Part Two

The Camp Okutta campaign Ty commented on previously (see below) has been getting a lot of attention through-out Canada and I will not be suprised if it becomes internationally recognized similar to the Dove Evolution campaign. The creative is working, the message is really hitting home here in Canada. Enraged Canadians who thought the posters … Continue reading

Ad Quote of the Day

Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods toward people.”– Morris Hite

3D – Without the cool glasses…

Philips has annouced the release of a new technology that allows marketers to create 3D ads that can be viewed without those awesome red and blue glasses. The technology, called “3D WOWzone,” is essentially a specially made plasma TV (132 inches). “Brands need to be distinctive in their communications and marketeers need to use innovative … Continue reading

What the Orkut?

Who’s the Google of social networking sites? The obvious answer may seem to be Facebook, given its rapid growth, successful cooperation with application developers, and ever-smarter ad targeting. But by some measures, the real answer is even more obvious: Google itself. This week, Google is drawing attention to its often-ignored social networking site,, with … Continue reading

iPod Extinction date – Sept. 5, 2007

The invitations arrived this morning; the anticipation begins now. Apple has invited the press to a “special event” next week in San Francisco. And as usual, Apple won’t say what it plans to announce. Or much of anything. The invitation, titled “The beat goes on,” includes an image of a man, in silhouette, dancing with … Continue reading

Miss SC – The Tube Map

In case you weren’t able to follow Miss SC’s intelligent answer Morning Toast has created this Tube Map to help you understand the logic of her superior intellect. See HERE if you have been trapped in a bubble the last 3 days or if you recently escaped from the womb.

What would you give for a hacked iPhone?

How about a Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones? Terry Daidone, the founder of CertiCell, a mobile phone repair company, contacted him and offered to make a trade for the modified iPhone. “I traded it for a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones,” Hotz posted. Perhaps, even better, there is even the promise of … Continue reading

Google’s New Toy

A rumour from an HTC insider claims that Google will be launching their first phone in Q1 2008. Functions include a special version of Google Maps, Gmail, Reader, Window’s Mobile 6.0 and all of your standard features. Still – a number of questions remain about the product but when the biggest player on the web … Continue reading

Nike Jogging: A Brave New World

I recently discovered this Nike Vintage site. The site is packed with videos (“Eating to Win” is a must see), downloads and of course a catalogue of the 2007 vintage line. I didn’t know that the Nike vintage line was so deep? There actually is a big enough product line to have a dedicated retail … Continue reading

Would you tell your friends?

ABC has launched a new TV show that encourages user generated content. It’s a simple concept; submit a video with three words that describe your week. Each week they create a show using the top submissions in prime time. They’ve compiled a moving 3 minute video with some of the submissions. Phrases range from “I … Continue reading