The Economist: Smarter Advertising

In an industry whose ad revenues continue to decline in record levels, The Economist has stood out as a magazine that maintains a feverishly loyal readership (I’m one of them) as well as a brand that has differentiated itself from all competitors. A magazine not for the common man, but one who strives to know … Continue reading

RIP Viewfinder

I never thought this day would come. Reading last week’s issue of The Economist tonight, I stumbled upon a short article about the death of the Viewfinder. Fisher-Price, the manufacturer of the device that has been a staple of Americana for the last 70 years, announced the elimination of the toy due to declining sales. … Continue reading

PicLens – A New Way to Browse

After reading The Economist last night, I found a cool article called “Rummaging through the internet.” The article was dedicated to the new systems that have been developed to surf the web easier and faster. Two that I downloaded tonight, Hyperwords and PicLens, have already changed the way I browse. Hyperwords is program that allows … Continue reading