It’s one thing to say that your brand is cool…

…and quite another to actually communicate it. No headlines, explanations or special offers. Just an attitude and a perspective. If you don’t get it, Adidas doesn’t really care…they’re not for everyone…(the new work from London…)

The Decision Paradox

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the effects of the abundance of choice on consumers. With the internet offering limitless choice – from different blogs to any product you imagine to any type of niche community you could want to be a part of or create – we’ve all got a lot more choices … Continue reading

Samsung: Own the angles

This video is just pure fun while showcasing product benefits. I also love the randomness of monsters in March. I think that by making it relevant to the social media space it will see success being shared there. Everyone can relate.

Red Cross: Old Man

There is something nice about this spot for the Red Cross. I can see a lot of potential in the idea and what they are trying to say but the execution is a little off. I want more emotion, I want something to make me feel more than I do. Is it the song, is … Continue reading

Yup this is all kinds of awesome

My favourite parts are: 1. Glasses at the start2. Picture of Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony at 35 seconds3. The wii boxing motions he makes4. The gun sound effects5. The muffins at the end – I thought you ate all your food through straws?

Mercedes and Josh – I am

Just watched this new spot from Mercedes. I have to say that, as a whole, automotive advertising get’s me down. It tends to be all the same – little story, 15 seconds of the car and then a push to the website with the relevant, ‘new age’ car configurator. Some automotive brands have done amazing … Continue reading

DK should change their name to Xerox

So this is currently one of the most viewed videos on the internet… to bad it is a complete rip off of the one below. I hope DK (UK) is ashamed. Lost Generation was created a couple years ago in early 2008. In an industry that prides itself on our ability to be creative it … Continue reading

Microsoft Pivot [Data Part 2]

Lauren recently sent me a link to a new product from Microsoft Live Labs called Pivot. Pivot is a new application that allows users to sort through huge sets of data (called ‘collections’). The data could be anything – from every donation made on Kiva to the relationship between one football player to another. The … Continue reading

Just Good Stuff

An old ad but a good one. Goes along with some of my recent posts about great storytelling. If you’ve read the blog for awhile, you know that I’m a sucker for Nike and most stuff that comes out of W&K. Let’s make better work. And remember stuff that is actually good.

This is the future of creativity

The Economist recently published a special report on data. If you haven’t noticed, it’s everywhere. Smart brands are using this data to create better experiences for their customers, optimize work flow and make their organizations more efficient. Creativity is no longer simply about one big idea to catch someone’s attention and shift their perceptions about … Continue reading