The Links

Sorry for the delay on these. Check them out. Interesting few weeks (to say the least) and a lot going on out there. Feel free to send your own as well and we will be sure to post them.

– Seth writes about how “just doing your job” isn’t good enough.
– Have you heard of the new book coming out called “This book will be famous“? It’s written by 7 people and each one has to be famous. It starts by giving it to the most famous person you know and then asking them to write a chapter and do the same.
– Think that the 30 second spot is dead? You’re wrong. TV usage has never been higher.
– Think the auto industry is screwed? You know things are bad when brands start pulling out of the Detriot auto show.
– Adidas just launched a global brand channel. Risky business but it could pay off.
– Want to find the perfect holiday gifts for a blogger? Here is the top 10 (hint).
– Even Capital C lead Tony Bennet thinks it’s all about the brand experience.
– The world of cellphone’s just got a bit smaller. Nokia has stopped selling handsets in Japan.


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