Are we all doing the same thing?

A few months ago, Razorfish published a report called FEED. The report outlines findings from a comprehensive survey that polled ‘highly connected’ US internet users and asked them a variety of questions dealing with their branded online experiences. It is a fairly quick read (for a Razorfish deck) and contains some good stats for anyone … Continue reading

Find More Friends…If you want them…

As the web continues to get older, more and more data is being stored across millions of different sources. Brands like Amazon and iTunes have been using this data to help create personalized recommendations for years. The classic “people who bought this also bought…” has become a staple of many sites – mainly because proper … Continue reading

AdJoke and Facebook Connect – Together

A few weeks ago, we did a post about a great presentation put together by the folks at Razorfish about the potential uses of Facebook Connect. After doing some more research on the new service, I think that it could become a huge part of the web in the next year and it’s something that … Continue reading

A Facebook App Worth Downloading

Think you could be a creative director? Think that your ads would be chosen by consumers over other ones? Now you can find out with Ad Battle. Ad Battle is basically a hot or not for ads. Developed by creative Jason Culbertson of BBDO, the app lets you rate print and TV spots and see … Continue reading

Rogers Wireless – Now on Facebook

Rogers Wireless, a Canadian Telcommunications company, has recently launched a new corporate page on Facebook called MyMusic. MyMusic is a page that consolidates a number of music partnerships that Rogers has – from top Universal artists to MTV Canada, as well as their own music properties like the Rogers MusicStore and Redpipe. It also houses … Continue reading

Social Networks and Email – ComScore Stats

Some interesting stats on the most popular social networks and email services on the web. Neat to see the growth of Facebook but the overall user dominance of MySpace. Link from Valleywag.

Changing the game

Copied word for word from Seth Godin’s Blog:Google announced an open interchange that allows users to take their social graph with them from one site to another. MySpace just joined in. This changes the rules for FaceBook, because now users have a choice of picking from dozens, soon to be hundreds of open sites… or … Continue reading

Facebook’s New Face

During Ad Tech this week, Facebook finally unveiled their new ad serving system. Although the hype has been intense over the last few weeks (with some in the industry speculating that it could take on Goolge’s AdSense), the new model isn’t overly revolutionary. Prior to getting into a brief analysis, here are the three new … Continue reading

Graphic Design Gangsta Rap

Thank you Christina for posting this on the AdJoke Facebook group. The group is now 96 strong. Who is going to be the lucky 100th member? Maybe you.

Canadian Facebook Statistics

After playing with the Facebook Flyer this afternoon, I wanted to share some interesting and current Canadian based statistcs from the network. Much has been said about the popularity of Facebook. With over 35 million profiles and many more each day, it has become one of the most popular social networks (based on North American … Continue reading