Naked Intern is very happy

An intern at Naked Communications the agency for Contiki Tours has gained the jealousy of every ad agency intern currently organizing catering requests, photocopying presentations and updating finance binders . On his first day, intern Gavin Chimes was ambushed with the agency sending him on a surprise trip to Europe; first stop, Amsterdam. The agency … Continue reading

The Evolution of an Agency

It’s slightly surreal to hear the rock star of the ad world, Crispin Porter + Bogusky CCO Alex Bogusky, talk lovingly and at length about the lowly sponge. Sponges are, after all, boring, utilitarian, drab. But if anyone can change the way we think about them, why not someone in advertising? It’s just one example … Continue reading

Want a Big Salary? Become a CMO.

AdAge reports that the average, American CMO makes approximately $1.5 million per year. Better to be at the 10 largest firms surveyed however, as the average CMO gets $4.8 million.

Let’s Do Something VIRAL [Part 304,024,924]

Marketers and advertisers of the world: Combining a Handycam with horrible actors and CGI doesn’t make something viral. Please stop. Create cool content and I promise I will pass it on. Or at least create content that LOOKS real.

Corporate Sponsorship Rule #1

Fantastic quote from a recent Godin post: “Here’s my number one fiduciary rule for big brand marketers: The executives involved in approving a sports or entertainment promotion should not be permitted to attend the event.” We all love free swag. But when it costs your company millions to get a sponsorship just for some free … Continue reading

Groundswell – Worth A Read

In order to prepare for an off site this week with Forrester, I picked up the new book Groundswell and gave it a quick read. My expectations going in were pretty low – I’ve been on a social technologies/networks/media kick as of late and found that the majority of experts are really just saying the … Continue reading

Google’s URL Database [It’s Big]

Valleywag recently reported that Google’s search database now has over 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) URL’s for a user to search. What’s interesting about the article, however, is that it notes that Google search does not represent searching the entire internet – it only represents URL’s that Google has found and archived.

Brilliant Outdoor

Can you think of a better idea for a Guide dog campaign? Found on Copyranter.

Missing the Point

As most of you know, clients want help understanding how they can be effective in social media. It’s the “hot” topic right now and one that probably isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ve written a few posts on social media but in my blog searching today I came across a great quote from David Armano … Continue reading

Canada’s Top 10 TV Shows [Last Week]

Seriously? This seems like a sad state of affairs when “So You Think You Can Dance” is number 1 and 2 in the ranking. Must be a slow, slow summer. At least the news made the top 10… 1 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, Tuesday)—1,506,000 2 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, … Continue reading