Are we all doing the same thing?

A few months ago, Razorfish published a report called FEED. The report outlines findings from a comprehensive survey that polled ‘highly connected’ US internet users and asked them a variety of questions dealing with their branded online experiences. It is a fairly quick read (for a Razorfish deck) and contains some good stats for anyone … Continue reading

Must Know Twitter Stats

I was reading a great article today about a study done on Twitter. It contains 10 stunning stats that any advertiser should be aware of when they are building a campaign using the service. Here are two of my favorites: Half of all Twitter users are not “active.” If you take a general description of … Continue reading

How to ruin a perfectly good vacation…

Virgin Australia has just launched a new contest that revolves around Twitter. The contest asks people to apply for a trip to LA and the chance to win a round-the-world ticket from the airline. Winners get to go to LA for three days but there is a small, 140-character catch: You have to post a … Continue reading

Have you heard? Twitter is here!!!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, the only website being talked about in the world right now is Twitter. When Oprah and Larry King are talking about how to subcribe to their Tweets, you know that the site has gone mainstream. We’ve been having a number of discussions about the site and although I think it’s … Continue reading

Twitter StreamGraphs: Real Time Visuals

Mashable has a great post today about 6 visualization tools for Twitter. I’ve been playing with a few of them and Twitter StreamGraphs is one worth testing out. It takes real-time Tweeds against a key word of your choice and gives you a great visual (that’s recent…the picture above is from the last 8 hours … Continue reading

The worlds most active twitter towns

A snapshot of the most active cities in the world based on twitter posts. My home, Toronto came in at 14 which is much higher than I would have expected. See the full list on TwitterLocal. Thanks to David Armano for sharing the site.

Twitter ideas for bands

The Tweet: chrisbrogan RT @brackley: Anyone have info on Twitter use for bands/music? Not in a MySpace way. (Send your answers to @brackley) I couldn’t fit my rely in 140 characters or less so here we go. I took a little bit of time and thought of 11 ways a band could use twitter to … Continue reading