Get Themin: Virtual Drinks, Real Value

Have you ever sent someone a virtual gift on Facebook? You know, like a football or rose for Valentines day? If you haven’t, you’re in the minority. Virtual gifts are immensely popular on the site. Applications exist for users to create their own, there are gifts for sports teams, random holiday’s, products – everything. However … Continue reading

8 years later…Wassupp.

Not sure how I missed this one. Wassupp…change. True. We truly did witness something amazing. Very few events have activated an audience, kickstarted creativity and made a nation feel the need to create and be apart of change like the US election. The market for something to believe in is infinite.

What Men Want?

Although this spot isn’t in English, it certainly represents what all American beer brands aspire too – the ultimate showcase of male dominance (by drinking their brand of course). Not a huge fan, but quite the idea.