We are Excited!

In just a few minutes, we will be submitting our official application to the TEDx organizers. It is our hope to run an event in Toronto – called TEDxTO – in the fall. Please stay tuned for details and check back frequently for updates. Thanks for reading!

Top 5 Wired Articles [March]

Just plowed through this month’s issue of Wired. Here are 5 stories you’ve got to check out: A great (true) story about the largest robbery ever – over $100 million in diamonds stolen from one of the most secure places in the world Clive Thompson provides a short perspective on how to manage user generated … Continue reading

How Should Blogs be Ranked?

I came across a recent article in Marketing Magazine (our nemesis for the time being…) about their favorite marketing and advertising blogs. What interested me wasn’t the list itself, but how the authors choose the blogs in the first place. In typical fashion, they were simply accompanied by a headline and their list of favorites … Continue reading

New Honda

W+K has just launched a new spot for Honda. As per usual, the work is very good and the concept is getting a ton of coverage across Europe. What I’ve always loved about the Honda work is that they think big. With an positioning about the Power of Dreams, you pretty much have too.

Shaping the Conversation

Once again, President Obama is using the internet to get his message out the way he wants. Over the last week, he has gone on a national tour to promote his economic package and get the message out to American’s that the economy is on the road to recovery. On Tuesday, he had a large … Continue reading

MINI Does it Again

This quote says it all: “I think we’re in a viral!” It’s about time a smart-brand made fun of all the fake viral vids out there. Loving this. From Adrants

Fallon has learned a few things…

I like the Fallon blog. It always has a great presentation once a month on a hot topic and it’s full of cool insights that any ad planner would be interested in. They’ve been blogging for over two years now and have put together a quick deck (below) on some of their key learnings. My … Continue reading

RIP Viewfinder

I never thought this day would come. Reading last week’s issue of The Economist tonight, I stumbled upon a short article about the death of the Viewfinder. Fisher-Price, the manufacturer of the device that has been a staple of Americana for the last 70 years, announced the elimination of the toy due to declining sales. … Continue reading

Simple Navigation Makes a Big Difference

A super-smart colleague of mine just helped LG launch their new US website. It was a massive undertaking and as result of some smart planning, the new experience is slick, simple and very user friendly. What I love most about this site is the navigation on the left-hand site. I love how it always stays … Continue reading

Some Cool TV

AdAge’s article on the month’s most liked TV spots got me thinking about some of the new advertsing out there. Here are two worth checking out. Coke – 102This feels like old Coke too me – all brand and feel good. It’s a nice idea and I hope that the guy is real. Microsoft – … Continue reading