Skittles might be random, but they get it

In the last few years, Skittles has come out with a ton of random, off the wall TV advertising. The spots are irreverent, hilarious and impossible to forget. Here’s one of their latest that is starting to get some good press: In the digital space, however, Skittles has been like most other brands – just … Continue reading

Dirty Advertising

Does sex sell? Maybe. Does it get people’s attention? Definitely. And Raun certainly got mine with this spot: You can see the full campaign here (there are 2 other spots…not as dirty as this one but still appealing). What do you think? Does an ad like this make you want to buy a sofa? The … Continue reading

Help Adjoke Beat Marketing Magazine

We need your help. As you can see, we need only 30 people to surpass Marketing Magazine in terms of RSS subscribers. It’s a simple challenge and we are asking all our readers with feeds (and friends who have feeds) to add Adjoke. What do you have to do? First, get a Google Reader. It … Continue reading

He’s Back

The great thing about Nike? They get timing and they don’t wait for a product to create a great spot about their brands. Here’s one that was released this week for Tiger’s return. Great stuff:


I was close to putting an exclamation mark at the end of that title. Fear is my most hated emotion. It cripples us, paralyzes rational thought, destroys intelligence and kills creativity. Why? Too many brands today fight change and ideas new ideas because of fear. How many times have you heard that a brand can’t … Continue reading

BlackBerry Bullet

Now this is an aggressive stance to take.

Clean Coal Air Freshener

Clean Coal Air Freshener harnesses the power of the word “clean”….I love it.

Making the Oscars golden again. 10 tips.

WHEN WILL YOU LISTEN? The way the world is engaging with media, entertainment and content HAS CHANGED. The article on AdAge made me sick today. The title was “Oscar Night Ratings Improved, but far from Golden.” Apparently the ratings were the 3rd worst in history. I would be pretty happy with the fact the ratings … Continue reading

Beyond the Click

If you’ve ever read AdJoke, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for better metrics online – especially when it comes to display advertising. I’m sick of measuring clicks and impressions. They are useless metrics that really don’t tell you anything about brand recall, message takeaway and purchase intent. Sure, you can tell if someone … Continue reading

Someday you’ll be a star!

The never ending promise of video phones in the home. We love old school ads at AdJoke. Check out some of our other favourite posts here, here and here.