BK Mistake? Contextual Ads Gone Bad (#43093403)

Yet another example of why human placement is still better than computer. Ouch. First chink in the armor, BK? Hope not. Found via Copyranter.


13 planes. 2 Dog Sleds. 1 Helicopter. A bunch of whoppers. A bunch of virgins. In 3 days, 12 hours 40 minutes and 17 seconds from when I grabbed this screenshot the results of the taste test will be revealed. CP+B and Burger King have gone to remote areas of Thailand, Iceland and Romania to … Continue reading

Be A Good Person

I feel like I’ve heard of this viral campaign from BK before (for another brand) but can’t remember which one. Essentially, BK is sending random people to the streets in crowded places. They stratigically drop their wallet and when someone picks it up to give back to them they reply, “Don’t worry, it’s on the … Continue reading

Nice Print

Some more good work from CP+B.