Students’ grades are algorithmically determined by their Internet fame, as measured off the web. Basically the course is; create content for the internet and do everything you can to make yourself famous on the internet. Seems like a the type of course that should become standard in all advertising schools. I saw one of the … Continue reading

ING – I need to go

ING pushes the limits of the Banking industry with their latest campaign. Drop by the site embedded below. Yes, it is for ING.

MySpace Got Game

MySpace, the social networking site has formed a partnership with Oberon Media to create a new gaming channel on the site. The fast-growing company, which is owned by News Corp, said the new channel MySpace Games will allow users to choose from hundreds of games and add them to their Web pages. MySpace is looking … Continue reading

The New Way To Recruit – Are You Game?

How do you recruit employees for a company that makes interactive electronic gaming systems? Easy. Build a compelling recruiting microsite on a snappy domain name – Then invite prospective employees to a Casino Night with free food and drinks at your office. Rocket Gaming Systems is separating itself from the crowded gaming industry in … Continue reading

Surveillance Camera Screensaver

i.document has created a screensaver application that you can download onto your computer. This application creates a screensaver that serves up images from 600 public access security cameras. From Boingboing reader Micheal: “SurveillanceSaver is an OS X screen saver that shows about 400 live security camera videos from public accessible Axis network cameras. It shows … Continue reading

Webvershoptainment –

I admit I completely made up the word webvershoptainment and I agree it is horrible, but is looking to become the first venture of merged online entertainment with branding and drive to purchase. As Andrew Essex says below it is “MTV meets QVC”. “Honeyshed is a broadband destination that celebrates the sell,” says Andrew … Continue reading

Recession? I ain’t afraid of no recession.

By all accounts national GDP growth in the US is expected to be the lowest it has been since 2002. Current predictions have the growth to come in around 2%. In 2002 the economy was emerging from a recession and the sluggish 1.6% growth rate was a welcome sign of good things to come. Five … Continue reading