Social Media’s Fatal Flaw

This morning, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wrote a long post on his NIN forum about why he is going to be leaving social media. In the last number of years, NIN and Reznor have led the social media charge. They ditched their label, created one of the best ARG’s out there and have … Continue reading

Nine Inch Nails – Doing UGC Right

A few weeks ago, NIN relased a web album and didn’t tell anyone about it. A few hours after launch, it had over 2,000 Diggs and quickly became a web sensation. Trent Reznor has now created a YouTube channel to ask his fans to create visual videos to match the 36 tracks on “Ghost.” He’s … Continue reading

The Allure of Alternate Reality Games

In this month’s edition of Wired, writer Frank Rose does an excellent job describing the marketing power of alternative reality games. What is an ARG? Basically, it’s a game that crosses traditional medium, the digital world in a variety of forms and can even take place in a number of real world locations – like … Continue reading