iCoke.ca Design Disaster?

Wow. What is going on here. I don’t know what I should be looking at. I don’t want to read anything. When this site loads I want to do one thing; leave as quickly as I arrived.

Hitler responds to the iPad announcement

This is hilarious. I laughed, then laughed some more, then I wondered how Steve Jobs and Apple engineers/product development team feel about it. I wonder if they are already scrambling internally to launch the next generation of the iPad (this one with wings and a moisture lock chamber) in the summer that supports multi-tasking, flash … Continue reading

Does this make you think of the Ad Industry?

It’s so true about TV news stories. They are formulaic, highly scripted and structured and easily predictable. The same formula applies to the majority of advertisements we see today. There are, of course, variations. The ‘funny ad‘. The ‘sad ad‘. The ‘dramatic ad‘. The ‘sell you stuff ad‘. And, my personal favorite, the ‘I want … Continue reading

Some formula’s just work. Bud Light: Clothing Drive

I don’t think anyone can watch this and not think…isn’t this just like a fresh take on the swear jar? The answer yes and I fully support that. I do not see an issue with repeating a successful formula in a new way as long as the formula was yours in the first place. Enjoy, … Continue reading

Axe: Clean your balls

Watch and comment. I don’t know what to say…. I kind of laughed, kind of didn’t…. regardless the long pause on the hand motion makes it worth while. Enough said.

This year we want people to touch shit in our stores

So I was in the mood to swear in the title. Yes, but I am also a little bewildered. Our friendly neighourhood stats pusher eMarketer has released some stats that blow my mind. If these are seriously the focus of, and I quote, “Seniors Marketers Worldwide” the world of marketing and advertising is in for … Continue reading

The Honda Effect from W+K

I love beautiful brand messages.

Classified’s "Oh-Canada" and the countdown begins.

I am interested to see how long it takes before we see this song being used by a brand to capitalize on patriotic pride. Possibly within weeks as we look at the quickly approaching Olympic games? Coca-cola is already using Canadian artist K’naan’s song waving flag in ads and ad the theme song of FIFA … Continue reading

Ohhh Globe & Mail ….you fail to think again.

I am not sure who from the Halifax office of the Extreme Group found this and posted it on the whiteboard in hallway but they were not the only person to notice this horrible ad placement. If you haven’t seen it, the ad is asking if people are tired of waiting in line. And of … Continue reading

TBWA AIDS GRAFFITI: A message not an experience

I have seen this video on almost every blog I have visited in the past 2 or 3 days. A lot of mixed emotions and thoughts about the work have been shared, and I felt it was about time that Adjoke weighed in on the discussion. Personally I think it is entertaining and effectively showcases … Continue reading