More About iPhone Applications

Last week, I did a short post on the pros and cons of developing branded iPhone applications. Over the last few days, a few great reports and presentations have come up that are worth reading if your currently thinking of developing an application. The first is a great guide on how to actually build an … Continue reading

iPhone Applications – An Overview

A few weeks ago, I posted about the siren’s song of the iPhone application for communications people. It’s the new hot thing and a lot of marketers / agencies are saying “we need an iPhone application!” without thinking through the “why” part of the equation. Adverblog has a great post about the contradictions of the … Continue reading

The New Siren’s Song – Branded iPhone Apps

While giving a presentation to a few colleagues on digital today, I talked a lot about how the App Store from Apple is changing the game for mobile devices. As a user, I can go on everyday and download thousands of applications (for free or a nominal sum) that enhance my mobile experience about 1000%. … Continue reading

iPhone Customer Survey Results

The results are in. Everyone knows that the iPhone is a big success. But Why? Here are some of the key findings: iPhone users are very satisfied. The iPhone users we surveyed report very high levels of satisfaction with the product. They are using its features extensively. (Page 12.) E-mail is the #1 function. The … Continue reading

iband – Life is greater than the internet

An Austrian trio that has become a phenomenon in their home country thanks to YouTube, iPhones and a little genius.

Time To Unwrap…

Nice, neat graphic from an excellent image site called Noisy Decent Graphics. If you’re looking for some cool images and are bored of Flickr, take a spin over here.

Apple talks – the world listens part uno

I am pretty sure that this post is like a belly button for blogs – everybody has got one, but here we go…. If you just woke up from a 2-day sleep Apple has made some pretty exciting announcements. My comments are in (brackets) – your comments go below: $200 price drop on iPhone (about … Continue reading