Fallon has learned a few things…

I like the Fallon blog. It always has a great presentation once a month on a hot topic and it’s full of cool insights that any ad planner would be interested in. They’ve been blogging for over two years now and have put together a quick deck (below) on some of their key learnings. My … Continue reading

What we can learn from "Kitten’s"

Just flipped through a new presentation from the Fallon planning group. A great, mini-case on how a video went viral. Although the 5 ideas that are presented in this deck are fundamental, the presentation is simple and intuative. I love the specific metrics about how each network contributed to the overall views of the video. … Continue reading

More About iPhone Applications

Last week, I did a short post on the pros and cons of developing branded iPhone applications. Over the last few days, a few great reports and presentations have come up that are worth reading if your currently thinking of developing an application. The first is a great guide on how to actually build an … Continue reading

A Tactical Ad that doesn’t suck

I can imagine what this brief might have looked like: Main Message: Orange offers it’s customers two for one movies on Wednesday’s Strategy: Show consumes why being with Orange is better than any other teleco provider Mandatories: Explain the new service, show it, talk about Orange, show friends having fun together, 60 second spot, tag … Continue reading

Brand Hero’s

Fallon has posted a great new presentation to their planning blog about Hero’s. Did you know that 5 of the 10 top movies of 2008 were all about Hero’s? (Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Hancock, Iron Man, Casino Royal). There’s a reason for this – people need to be inspired. They need to believe in something … Continue reading

Apple’s New Competition

Microsoft made a large decision this week and awarded their $300 million ad account to one of the hottest agencies in North America, CP+B.According to Adrants, Microsoft spent over $1 billion in advertising in the US during 2006 and they have finally found their new agency. CP+B are the creators of Whopper Freakout, Volkeswagen’s “Ego … Continue reading

Sony One Note

New spot for the Sony Walkman Phone. They’ve taken their “like.no.other” brand and extended it to other facets of the Sony business (Music in this case, rather than Colour for their HD TV’s). Neat spot and another win for Fallon.

An Exciting Stock Exchange?

Find more videos like this on AdGabberFound this neat spot on AdGabber, which was also featured on AdRants today. It reminded me of the Coca-cola Happiness spot because of the animation, however the narrator made it feel a bit different – almost a warm feeling for something that is traditionally cold and boring; the stock … Continue reading