Go Miniman Go!

Even though this site launched in August, it’s sweet – especially for Lego nerds. Not only can you create your own Miniman, you can watch a ton of cool stop-motion Lego video’s created by passionate lego people around the world. I’m not sure about the metrics on this website, but it’s simple to use and … Continue reading

Seriously. Write a blog.

Came across this great post about 10 reasons why you should save your career and start a blog. While I don’t think that everyone is meant to blog (and Adjoke already has about 100 million competitors), I think that if you ever want to work in the digital space, you have to live it – … Continue reading

Blogging Guide – Frequency = More Uniques

Over the next few days, Adjoke is going to be posting…a lot. Our hope is to gain a large number of unique visits in a short time. It’s a test, of sorts, to prove that in blogging, one of the main factors of readership is frequency of posts. Want 100 unique visits starting from scratch? … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the blogosphere. Who is this guy? The man credited with inventing the term “web log” – Jorn Barnger. Barnger’s blog, entitled Robot Wisdom, started a wave of blogs nearly a decade later – over 90 million at last Technorati count.

What to do with imported Oranges?

Orange Diaries is a website featuring hilarious crafts and ridiculous uses of imported oranges such as Orange muffs, pencil holder, knee pads and more. Set-up by Florida’s Natural the site tells you what to do with imported oranges because the obviously aren’t edible. Heck, unless they are Florida Oranges they aren’t even considered to be … Continue reading

We like to think so

An Unbelievable Statistic

Found on Interesting Snippets Interesting Snippets is a visual blog of sorts that is a wonderful way to learn, waste some time and entertain yourself. View the full slide show here.

Things that make you go hmmm..two

Found on Interesting Snippets Interesting that Business Week now has a blog of its own.

AdAge Power 150 Rankings

So we submitted AdJoke to the AdAge Power 150 Blog rankings. I am excited about our score of 13/15 from Todd’s score. That is where the man in charge ranks our blog based on content, recent posts and relevancy. Only 28 blogs out of 500 scored higher than us in this category. I am not … Continue reading

Why Blog?

A lot of people (and by “a lot” I mean about 3) have asked me in the last couple of weeks why I blog. “What’s the point?” is probably the most common question for those who haven’t read blogs before.For the 106 million bloggers out there, the answer is always unique. Some do it for … Continue reading